Email Marketing

Website and Graphics Design

Email marketing is an affordable and extremely effective digital tool. Get it right and you have a direct line of customer contact which raises brand awareness and encourages an immediate response.

At The BassiWebs, we create personalized, segmented and targeted email marketing campaigns to improve brand awareness, increase conversions and drive traffic to your website. The BassiWebs can manage your entire email marketing campaign or assist with certain aspects such as email design or content. With a wealth of experience in email marketing, The BassiWebs can guarantee high open and click-through rates, creative design templates and engaging content.

Our Process:

  • We create HTML email templates for latest, saleable, discounted and other promotional products.
  • Create email campaigns.
  • Sent created email template to your existing customers and other new customers using email marketing tools like mailchimp, constant contact etc.


  • It will increase your website hits and hits will give benefits in SEO.
  • It will spread your brand between new customers, they will have it in mind once they open and ready promotional email.
  • Your existing and new customer will updated about your new offers.